Signature pads compatible with the DIGANT® software module

DIGANT® is a software module from Bundesdruckerei that enables an automated application process for the entire citizen system (e.g. passports and ID cards). By integrating the StepOver DIGANT Pads into the DIGANT system, StepOver is a reliable partner for a large number of offices and authorities. Signatures are captured on the StepOver DIGANT signature pads in accordance with the specifications of the Bundesdruckerei. The advantages are clear: the end-to-end electronic workflow significantly accelerates processes in the public sector.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of our signature pads with the DIGANT software module, please contact our experts.

DIGANT duraSign Pad Biometric 10.0

DIGANT duraSign Pad Biometric 5.0

DIGANT Pad Mobile

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