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Digital signature – life is often easier and more efficient digitally. So why still sign on paper? With an electronic signature, contracts and documents can be signed anytime and anywhere. Either with the smartphone, computer, tablet, on a signature pad or in the cloud this is possible. With StepOver’s signature solutions, you can sign electronically both certificate-based (Click to Sign) and with your handwritten signature. Flexible, independent of time and place – in the EU and the EEA legally binding across borders regulated by eIDAS.

StepOver solutions are successfully in use in many industries. Banks, insurance companies, government, manufacturing, health care and many other companies trust our products for electronic signatures. Together we will find the right digital signature solution for you.

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Digital Signature: People signing on an iPad

Digital signature

Basics of the electronic signature

Here you can learn more about the terminology of the electronic signature, legal aspects and how you can implement the electronic signature in practice.

Digital signature offline or in the cloud

Solutions for my application scenario

We show how the digitization of the signature process can be implemented. Depending on various environmental parameters, such as the location of the signer, at what time and with which method the parties involved should sign electronically, different options are available – with local software or in the cloud.

digital signature: person signing on an ipad
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Digital signature: man signs on ipad in office
worker in a warehouse signs on iPad

Examples of the electronic signature in practice


Digital signatures are already indispensable in many industries. It makes business processes more efficient and transparent – a clear competitive advantage. Here you will find practical examples and a selection of our customers.

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Electronic signing in all departments

Business divisions

In which departments is electronic signing used? And which documents? We will use examples from various areas of the company to show how digital signatures are already being used successfully today.

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Digital signing in the doctor's office
two people signing digitally on an iPad
Digital signature: woman signs PDF document using webSignatureOffice

Why PDF?

Sign PDF documents

The PDF document is the most used format for electronic signatures. Why this is and with which solutions you can sign a PDF document we explain here.

Sign MS Office documents

Sign Word & Excel documents

You use Word or Excel documents and want to sign them electronically? Find out here which solutions are available and what they are suitable for.

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woman edits excel sheet on a tablet

These companies rely on StepOver

Anytime and anywhere

Sign online

You, your business partners, and your customers can provide a digital signature securely and verifiably on various end devices – regardless of time and place. We show here different models how you can sign in the cloud and explain their advantages.

woman signs on a smartphone
woman signs on iPad
Automations displayed on laptop

Digital signature solutions customized

Integration & Automation

The seamless integration of the digital signature process into existing applications and processes is explained here – with and without programming effort.

Digital signature - provable and secure

Legal, Security & Privacy

This is about the legal framework of the electronic signature (eIDAS), the topic of provability and GDPR – explained as comprehensibly as possible. 

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