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Discover our diverse hardware, software, API & cloud solutions for electronic signatures. With StepOver solutions, you can digitally sign anytime, anywhere, regardless of the device, easily and securely.. Designed and made in Stuttgart, Germany, successful all over the world.

StepOver Unterschriftenpads

Signature Pads

StepOver offers signature pads for every purpose, for mobile as well as stationary use. In different sizes, with black and white or color display, for connection to a PC via USB or directly to your LAN via Ethernet. All signature pads are characterized by extremely long durability, first-class ergonomics when signing and the highest security standards.


Here you will find an overview of our secure and eIDAS compliant software solutions. For every use case of the electronic signature – on the PC, tablet, smartphone or the StepOver signature pad. In addition to local installation, our applications can also be operated in a Citrix or terminal server environment.



Here you will find an overview of our secure and eIDAS compliant cloud solutions. Sign flexibly and from anywhere on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone or StepOver signature pads). Sign documents with partners worldwide using hang-written or certificate-based signatures.


StepOver offers various interfaces for integrating electronic signature solutions and signature pads into your software and system environments. Integration and automation made easy – in the cloud, with our signature pads, mobile devices and many other individual IT solutions.


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