StepOver proudly presents eSignatureOffice 7

16. April 2024

StepOver proudly presents the new version of the electronic signature software eSignatureOffice 7

With a range of new functions and improvements, this version sets new standards for electronic signatures and modern document management.

duraSign Pad NG 10 Produktbild

Version 7 of eSignatureOffice revolutionises the way you sign! With support for the latest network-enabled StepOver signature pads, such as the innovative duraSign Pad NG 10, you can now work without USB connections. Multiple users can use the same signature pad at the same time, making your workflows even more efficient. The duraSign Pad NG 10 not only offers ultimate convenience, but also outstanding performance thanks to its innovative technologies. In combination with eSignatureOffice 7, your work processes are automated, accelerated and reach a new level of efficiency!

Another highlight of the new version is the support of Android and iOS tablets and smartphones as signature capture devices. With this extension, documents can now be viewed and signed directly on mobile devices. This function significantly increases flexibility, as users are no longer tied to the location of the signature pad, but can move freely with their mobile devices within the same network.

Another notable aspect of eSignatureOffice7 is its compatibility with previous versions. Users who are already using older versions of the software can easily migrate to the latest version by exporting existing settings, performing a fresh installation and then transferring their data and configurations to the new version. This migration process can be supported by a user-friendly software distribution system that facilitates the update. Our service colleagues will be happy to assist you with this process and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

At StepOver, security continues to be our top priority, especially with eSignatureOffice 7! With the proven RSA encryption of 4096 bits, we ensure that your electronic signatures are maximally protected now and in the future. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us!


Overall, StepOver’s eSignatureOffice 7 is a comprehensive electronic signature solution that is both powerful and easy to use. With its innovative features, it is an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes looking to optimise their workflows and increase efficiency. Whether you are looking for a new approach, want to work flexibly or want to invest in the future, eSignatureOffice 7 is the solution to meet your needs.

Arrange your non-binding consultation appointment now to get to know our solutions in detail so that your company can also benefit from the numerous advantages of electronic signatures. 

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