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Create digital signatures - the right solution for all face-to-face and online processes

Do you want to sign documents electronically in your company, but don’t know which solution is best for your application scenario? One of the most important criteria for choosing a signature solution is the question of the signer’s location – is the signer physically present or does the signature process take place at another location. Different solutions are often considered for face-to-face and online processes. On this page you will find an overview of the different options.


Sign digitally at the same time and place


Directly on site sign contracts & documents alone or together.

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When taking out insurance, at government counters, in the doctor’s office, in everyday office life – documents can be signed electronically everywhere. If the signer is present on the spot, the signature can be obtained by hand. This process is comparable to signing on paper – but in real-time. The digital signature is simpler, faster and more secure. Further processing and archiving of the documents take place directly digitally; time-consuming printing and scanning are a thing of the past.

The best way to get quality signatures on the spot is to use a Signature Pad. Here, the biometric data of the signature is captured precisely and securely encrypted directly in the signature pad. But it is also possible to capture the signature on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Our software, API or cloud solution is used for the inseparable linking of the signature with the document to be signed.
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The easiest and fastest way to sign documents in face-to-face processes - our fully automatable offline signature solution eSignatureOffice in combination with a StepOver Signature Pad or Windows Tablet PC.

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API Integration

The solution for all those who want to integrate our signature solution into an already existing application– our Signature API in combination with a StepOver signature pad, Tablet PCs, iPads and other mobile devices.

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Our successful cloud solution webSignatureOffice is suitable for capturing signatures on on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Of course, StepOver signature pads are also supported. This solution is also suitable for hybrid use with online and on-site signatures.

Signature Pads

StepOver offers signature pads for every application:


Digital signing independent of place and time

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Online Meeting

Discuss contracts together and sign them electronically at the same time.

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Signature request

Provide documents to customers or contractors for signature.

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Online Self-Service

Sign my own documents online for evidence.

The digital transformation continues to advance. Many meetings nowadays take place online only. Employees work from their home offices or are distributed around the world. Many customers prefer the ability to process transactions digitally and flexibly. All these scenarios have one thing in common, a solution for signing independent of place and time is needed.

With a cloud solution, all these cases can be mapped easily and flexibly. The online signature has proven itself many times over in a wide variety of business areas and industries. Both handwritten and certificate-based documents can be signed.

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Our successful cloud solution webSignatureOffice is ideally suited for obtaining signatures from persons who are not immediately present - available for all mobile devices und StepOver Signature Pads. Hybrid use of face-to-face and online is also possible.

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