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Create digital signatures: In many corporate fields, business processes can be significantly simplified through the use of electronic signature procedures. Depending on the area of application and industry, the use cases and workflows differ. A digital signature is particularly efficient when it is optimally integrated into the workflow. StepOver’s decades of experience in a wide range of industries enable digital signatures to be precisely tailored to your requirements and individual needs.


Contracts and claims in the insurance industry

Simple & fast with digital signatures

Many insurance companies are increasingly using digital signatures. Not least because the electronic signature enables legally secure processing of contract conclusions and claims settlement. With the digital signature, contracts can be signed quickly and without cumbersome scanning or mailing. Customers sign their contract on their smartphone, tablet or computer – paperless and convenient. In the event of a claim, the policyholder is obliged to provide the insurance company with authorized documents and cost items relevant to the claim. For a long time, this was a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. With the use of digital signature processes from StepOver, the exchange of documents between the insurance company and the policyholder becomes simple, fast and efficient.
StepOver’s signature solutions have proven themselves many times over in the insurance industry and are used, among others, by these providers:

digitale Signatur erstellen
digitale Signatur erstellen

AXA Insurances uses the eSignatureOffice software with approx. 8,500 signature pads in exclusive sales. At the same time, AXA also relies on the use of mobile devices such as tablet PCs and iPads as well as remote signatures, where the customer and advisor do not have to be in the same place. Signatures can be made conveniently and easily during the online consultation or flexibly and efficiently at home after the consultation. For this purpose, the StepOver cloud solution webSignatureOffice was integrated into the sales applications.

At Wüstenrot & Württembergische, almost 13,000 signature pads are in use in conjunction with the signature software eSignatureOffice. Since 2020, tablet PCs have also been used for the e-signature.

Other StepOver users from the insurance industry include LVM Insurance with 9,000 signature pads, tablet PCs and mobile devices, as well as Roland Legal Protection for internal use on computers and mobile devices in sales.

digitale Signatur erstellen

Financial Industry

Banks rely on digital signatures

The banking industry is focusing on innovation. Banking transactions of the future will be paperless. The digital signature is an important component in order to be able to conclude transactions in the financial sector in a legally secure manner. Online account opening, digital lending, mobile payment: many processes in the financial sector have already been or are currently being extensively digitized. The need for legally compliant solutions is great, especially when you think of complicated processes involving consent forms, powers of attorney and the conclusion of contracts.

StepOver offers its customers comprehensive expertise and a sound portfolio of solutions for the use of electronic signatures in the financial sector.

Targobank uses StepOver’s e-signature solution at 6,000 workstations. At the counters of the South African NEDBANK, around 5,000 signature pads are currently in use in conjunction with the Signature API programming interface. At HypoVereinsbank / UniCredit, digital signatures are provided at the counter and in the advisory service. Customers in Germany sign with StepOver signature pads at around 3,600 workstations. In 100 Reise Bank branches, our signature pads with eSignatureOffice have been in daily use since 2005. The pads are used on IGEL thin clients in the bank’s client-server environment.

Real Estate

Create digital signature: Rental and purchase contracts

Processes and deals in the real estate industry are accelerated with the help of digital signatures. Real estate agents can sign offers or contracts digitally themselves or request signatures from interested parties digitally. Rental agreements can thus be concluded more quickly and signed from anywhere in the world.

Create digital signature application example: The software company Aidex has integrated StepOver’s electronic signature process into its existing key management software. This makes key management easier, more secure and transparent, especially for large master key systems.

digitale Signatur erstellen
digitale Signatur erstellen


Sign digitally - advantages for hotels and tourism

Digital solutions are widely used in the tourism industry. Booking confirmations, advertising consent declarations, check-in receipts, tour operator contracts and much more can be signed securely and binding with the electronic signature. Internal processes such as purchasing, incoming goods, expense reports and cash register statements are also managed digitally in a simple and secure manner.

SIXT rent a car uses signature pads from StepOver under Microsoft Windows and Linux in 3,200 branches and in the company worldwide. BOSYS’ MidOffice system integrates both StepOver signature pads for on-site bookings and StepOver’s cloud solution webSignatureOffice for completing trips from home. This enables travel agencies to provide excellent service to their customers. Other well-known customer names in this segment include: ADAC, TUI Travel Star, RTK Reisen, Reiseland, Sonnenklar TV and Karstadt Reisen. In Spain, the tourism group Grupo Empresarial Cabrera Medina (CICAR, Payless Car, and many more) uses our signature pads with eSignatureOffice. On campsites you can find our solutions for example at Camping Playa Montroig.

Pharma & Health

The electronic signature in use for health

The digital signature in daily use: Whether in hospitals, care and rehabilitation centers or in a doctor’s office, medical documents and data can be signed legally and securely throughout the EU in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, psychotherapists and many other employees in the healthcare industry thus optimize and streamline costly processes. StepOver offers customized solutions for a wide range of digital applications and scenarios in the healthcare sector:

digitale Signatur erstellen
Digital signing in the doctor's office

The international company Dräger Medical is a leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Around 1,300 workplaces in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Austria use our signature pads in conjunction with the eSignatureOffice software. The University Hospital Göttingen and the Charité in Berlin are further users of our e-signature solutions.

CGM is a producer of software for the human & dental sector and offers a physician information system with seamless integration of the StepOver signature pads. The HENRY SCHEIN® DENTAL DEPOT uses digital signing on tablet PCs as well as on signature pads. The vaccination centers in Bremen and Thuringia were able to speed up processes enormously during the Covid-19 pandemic using StepOver signature pads.

In many pharmacies in Germany, StepOver signature pads can be found in combination with WEPA pharmacy software. OT EDV and Ewes & Partner offer customized software solutions in combination with StepOver’s e-signature solutions. werfen SA., a leading provider of specialty diagnostics in the areas of hemostasis, acute diagnostics and autoimmunity, uses our software signature solution eSignatureOffice at 300 workstations.

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Public Administrations & Authorities

Leaner structures for administrations & authorities

Modern digital processes accelerate official procedures: Official administrations and the economy have received a modernization and efficiency boost since the introduction of the eIDAS regulation in 2016. With more widespread use of electronic signatures, performance and competitiveness are increasing, according to the German Federal Office for Information Security.

For government agencies in Germany, there are StepOver signature pads compatible with Bundesdruckerei’s DIGANT® software module, which enables an automated application process throughout the citizen system (e.g., passports and ID cards). In Georgia, many ministries work with StepOver signature pads, supported locally by our partner Infozavri. Nexus IT Systeme offers software solutions with high-security requirements for prisons. There, too, you sign on StepOver signature pads. In Portugal, Argentina and Uruguay, StepOver signature pads and software solutions are used by many government agencies.

Services and Manufacturing

Advantage for the industry:
simple and fast signatures

Field service and sales representatives use StepOver’s electronic signature and solutions for a variety of purposes – electronic signatures are used for, among other things:

  • Maintenance logs
  • Service reports
  • Applications
  • Sales contracts

Selection of our customers in this industry

  • Käser & Krones
  • ZF Group
  • Index Plants
  • Rubber plants
  • Kraibung
  • Epson Germany
worker in a warehouse signs on iPad
digitale Signatur erstellen


In daily use at counter & cash desk

Electronic signatures have long been part of daily life in retail. Secure and fast, digital signatures are used at checkouts and counters every day. Electronic applications including electronic signatures function smoothly and without problems.

The quality brand Caparol relies on signature pads from StepOver. 650 natura Sign Pad Classic are in use at dealers all over Germany. This is a simple and fast way to confirm receipt of paint. You will also find our eSignature solutions at many Edeka stores, the Stark Group and Baywa. In Spain, for example, the well-known brands GARRO SA (Big Mat in Barcelona) and Quickgold are customers of StepOver software and hardware solutions.

Energy & Waste management

Electronic signatures protect the environment

Digital signature solutions help save valuable resources. Companies in the energy and environmental sectors are particularly in focus here. Internal processes need to be reformed and made fit for the requirements of the future. Digital signatures streamline processes, save resources and thus make a sustainable contribution to the environment.

The company RKM-Arens Anlagenbau GmbH is active in the field of geothermal plant construction, among other things. Thanks to StepOver signature solutions, many administrative processes can be simplified and accelerated. StepOver signature pads are used both in the warehouses and in the offices. Numerous smaller energy and wastewater companies, such as Abwasserbetriebe Weserbergland AöR, also use electronic signatures.

digitale Signatur erstellen
digitale Signatur erstellen

AssocIiations & Federations

Edit documents and applications digitally

Applications, appointments, important documents and other information – modern communication by clubs and associations takes place digitally. The electronic signature in accordance with the eIDAS standard is a legally binding, convenient and easy-to-use tool.

Examples of digital communication options for clubs & associations:

  • Signing association applications electronically
  • Efficient & legally secure management of members
  • Accounting
  • Cash signing

Modern association communication relies on digital solutions and electronic signatures. StepOver offers customized solutions for this. Employees of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) use StepOver solutions to digitally sign documents during their assignments abroad.

Sport & Fitness

Sign fitness contracts online or on site

Whether in fitness studios, yoga and Pilates institutes, dance schools or other companies in the fitness industry – the paperless office has long since taken hold. In most cases, contracts are agreed and signed directly on the tablet, computer or even smartphone at fancy counters in keeping with the times.

StepOver and its partners offer appropriate solutions and applications for the sports and fitness industry. One example is the industry solution from Exerp, which is used in many fitness studios worldwide. Among others at Life Time (USA), Good Life FITNESS (Canada), Fernwood Fitness (Australia) and XtraFit (Germany). At German fitness chain Elan Fitness, you can find StepOver signature pads at the counter for signing. AXESS offers access management solutions in conjunction with our signature pads.

digitale Signatur erstellen
Digital signieren


The eSignature for schools, universities & educational institutions

The electronic signature facilitates communication in the education sector. Required documents can be signed, sent and stored electronically quickly and easily. Pupils, students, teachers, professors, lecturers and administrators benefit from digital processes.

Examples of the use of electronic signatures in the education sector:

  • Enrollments
  • Scholarship applications
  • Admission notices
  • Teaching contracts
  • Semester fees
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Orders

Customer example: The Stuttgart Media University (HDM) uses our signature solutions to facilitate internal processes as well as matters for students.

Transport & Logistics

The future of logistics is digital

The logistics and transport industry is relying on new technologies and digital structures. Electronic invoices with eSignature replace handwritten signatures and cumbersome sending or scanning of documents.

Advantages of the digital signature: processes take place digitally throughout and thus without media discontinuity, they are legally compliant in accordance with the EU eIDAS regulation and internationally standardized.

The electronic signature for transport and logistics in practice:

  • Contracts
  • Delivery bills
  • Receipts
  • Freight documents
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Disposal proofs

In Portugal, you will find our signature pads in many driving schools. In Spain, the logistics company celeritas signs proofs of delivery on more than 500 StepOver signature pads. Körber Supply Chain Solutions also uses StepOver solutions.

man in warehouse signs on iPad
digitale Signatur erstellen

Chemicals & Raw Materials

Electronically sign and approve documents

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are subject to particularly sensitive rules and regulations. The electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS can clearly prove the identity of the signers. The integrity of documents is also guaranteed with corresponding digital signatures.

For the chemical and raw materials industry, StepOver offers sophisticated solutions and application scenarios. Trust the long-standing expert in the field of electronic signatures. Examples include Riotinto Atalay Mining in Huelva, Spain and Struers LLC in Ohio, United States.

Technology & Telecommunications

Electronic signature makes paper obsolete

Regardless of location or time, customers and employees of the telecommunications industry and of technology companies can send, manage and archive digitally signed documents. Lengthy, paper-based processes are now a thing of the past. Processes are extremely accelerated and positively certified more quickly.

The electronic signature is suitable for all areas and departments:

  • Sales reps
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Facility Management
Digital signieren

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