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Easily integrate electronic signature

In addition to the possibility of carrying out signature processes flexibly and manually, StepOver offers efficient interfaces for integrating electronic signatures into existing applications. Standardized processes in particular can be mapped automatically. Users are guided intuitively through the process and can concentrate on the essentials of their job, such as advising their customer. This form of automation minimizes the susceptibility to errors and accelerates processes. Over several decades, we have successfully implemented solutions for electronic signatures in complex corporate processes.

Electronic signature for companies

Automation without programming effort

In addition to the flexible integration of the electronic signature into your existing IT architecture, the signature process itself can also be automated without any further programming effort.

With eSignatureOffice from StepOver, automating electronic signature processes becomes child’s play: using so-called signature templates, signature fields can be automatically placed in the right places in the document. This also applies to dynamically generated documents. Keywords in the text (e.g. “your signature”) can be identified and serve as anchors for positioning.

By installing eSignatureOffice for Windows PCs, Tablet PCs, MS-Terminal Server or Citrix (stand-alone software), the automation of the digital signature can be implemented in a user-friendly and fast way. Configurations, connection and settings are mapped and explained directly in the software in a comprehensible way.

Integración firma digital y automatización

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Full integration in any software environment

Integrate electronic signatures fully and transparently into your company’s applications with StepOver’s application programming interfaces (APIs). Digital signatures become a new component of existing software. Using our Signature API, the free Device API or by integrating our web service interface for our cloud solution webSignatureOffice, you can create applications for simple and advanced electronic signatures.

StepOver’s programming interfaces differ in complexity, programming language and environment scenario (available for Windows, MacOS, Linux operating systems; interfaces include .Net, Java as well as REST API).


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