Climate protection

StepOver is actively committed to climate protection

Economy and ecology in harmony: that is the motto of StepOver. In addition to the enormous efficiency gains and associated cost savings that the use of electronic signatures brings, such a signature solution saves tons of paper and helps protect the environment.

Prima Klima Certificate 2023

New trees for every signature pad sold

With a donation of 10 square meters (approx. one tree) per signature pad, StepOver offsets the CO2 emissions generated by the production of the components (display, housing, chips, etc.).

Tons of paper saved every year

Over the course of their lifetime, our hardware products save a lot of paper. All plastic parts of the housing are recyclable and labeled according to their material composition.

At our Stuttgart site, we work in modern buildings with energy-efficient equipment and green electricity. We compensate for burdens caused by travel and heating energy with an additional levy.

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