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Highlights of webSignatureOffice

Simple & Everywhere

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webSignatureOffice is a completely web-based signature solution. People can sign online at different locations with different signature capture devices (smartphone, tablet, PC & signature pad).


To be able to sign documents electronically with webSignatureOffice in an evidential manner, all you need is a common browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


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When using the free app, not only the typeface but also the biometric data of the mobile signer is captured and encrypted. Ease of use, document synchronization and offline capability are all part of the feature set. Download the app here:

Signature Pad

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webSignatureOffice also supports the use of StepOver signature pads. Thus, with the cloud solution, you can not only collect signatures remotely, but also handwritten electronic signatures on site.

Maximum security

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Highest security standards thanks to bi-asymmetric encryption. Signature pad & software-side encryption of biometric data up to 4096-bit RSA. The executed signatures can be conveniently verified (e.g. with Adobe Acrobat Reader). webSignatureOffice also offers optional 2-factor authentication via SMS or through a document password.

Integration & Customizability

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Numerous options are available for integration into existing workflows and applications. The user interface can be customized, making it super intuitive for the user to operate.

Hosting Models

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Online signature service
StepOver offers the webSignatureOffice.com online signature service for individuals and small businesses. After registering for free, you can upload documents, sign yourself, or invite others to sign your documents.

Software as a Service model (SaaS model)
This model is intended for corporate customers who want to integrate our webSignatureOffice services into their own Web application (via Web service), but do not want to host the servers themselves.

Self-hosting model
This model is intended for corporate customers who value having everything under their own control and being able to fully integrate webSignatureOffice into their own Web application (via Web service).

eIDAS- compliant


webSignatureOffice is suitable for “simple” and “advanced electronic signature” systems.

System requirements

System requirements

Runs on all major browsers

Info material

webSignatureOffice variants

Hosting Models

We will be happy to advise you on the three different hosting models of webSignatureOffice without obligation. Please fill out the adjacent form.

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Suitable signature pads

webSignatureOffice is compatible with the following StepOver signature pads. A display of the document is possible with the duraSign series.

More information

Not enough yet?

The signature certificates are created automatically by webSignatureOffice for the respective user and stored in encrypted form. The password must be entered again as authorization for each signature.

The trustworthiness of the certificate-based signature depends mainly on two factors:

  • A secure handling of the signer’s password.
  • A robust method to identify the signer at the time the certificate is created.

webSignatureOffice offers its users different identification methods:

  • E-mail identification (lower security)
  • 2-factor authentication (high security)
  • Letter identification (maximum security)

In addition to the certificate-based “click” signature, webSignatureOffice also offers the option of a handwritten electronic signature. Either directly on site with a StepOver signature pad or remotely on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Can be fully integrated into customer’s own web application (for self-hosting and SaaS model)
  • Limitation of user rights and management of user groups (user management)
  • Template management (saving documents as templates for reuse)
  • Automatic jumping to signature fields during the signature process and zooming in if necessary
  • Different handling of mandatory and optional signature fields (aborting mandatory field = aborting the entire signature process)
  • Branding / individual customization of the user interface possible

If business customers host the servers themselves or use the SaaS service, webSignatureOffice can be addressed and controlled directly from the customer’s own system via interfaces (web service). This makes it possible, for example, to transfer automatically created documents and process specifications from the customer’s system to the webSignatureOffice service, as well as to automatically read and process ready-signed documents. In this way, practically the entire administration and process creation of webSignatureOffice can be automated and remotely controlled by the customer system.

  • Customer-created PDF/A documents (manually uploaded)
  • Above PDF documents also possible with customer-supplied signature fields
  • PDF documents mentioned above also possible with form fields created by the customer
  • File transfer to webSignatureOffice via server interface as XML (for self-hosting and SaaS model)
  • Transfer of a complete signature request with optional signature fields, mandatory fields and further process instructions (e.g. for forwarding / subsequent further processing of the document) via XML using a server interface (for the self-hosting and SaaS model)
  • (Partial) pre-filling of PDF form fields from your customer application via server interface (for self-hosting and SaaS model)
  • When using PDF/A compliant source documents, the document remains PDF/A compliant even after a signature is applied
  • ISO standard-compliant PDF signatures – enables verification with all standard products (e.g. Adobe Reader) and interoperability with other standard-compliant signature methods and programs
  • Choice of handwritten electronic signature (using StepOver signature pad or smartphone/tablet) or certificate-based signature
  • Both types of signature can be used to generate an advanced electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS.
  • A ready signed document can be downloaded manually at any time
  • Return file (XML) via server interface, which reports back to the higher-level customer application the status of each signature field and contains the signed document. (Only for self-hosting and SaaS model)
  • Sign directly in the document (no separate signature window)
  • Preview of the selected PDF
  • Zooming in and continuous scrolling of PDF documents
  • Filling in PDF form fields as well as support of checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus
  • Extensive possibility of access restriction
  • Signing possible on a wide range of devices without any additional tools
  • Convenient contact management
  • Signature invitation in 3 simple steps
  • Clear document management with status tracking, automatic reminder (for all signers)
  • Assignment of expiration dates for signing possible
  • Optional password assignment for documents possible
  • Display of page preview and table of contents (if available) of the document

webSignatureOffice uses ISO standard-compliant signatures, so the document can be verified by any recipient using free applications (such as Adobe Reader).

  • Supports signature pad-side encryption of biometric data with up to 4096-bit RSA in conjunction with the StepOver Signature Pads
  • Supports certificate-based digital signature (via server-side certificate – bound to the signer’s user account)
  • Time-delayed signing without loss of security is possible at any time
  • Automatic locking of form fields after a signature has been made
  • Signatures can be conveniently verified (using Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Secure communication via HTTPS and WSS
  • Various authentication methods available and the option of multifactor authentication or document password

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