duraSign Pad 10.0

10 inch signature pad with color screen, document view & tempered glass surface for maximum durability.

Highlights duraSign Pad 10.0

Maximum durability

The elegant and robust design with 3 mm thick polycarbonate ABS housing and large tempered glass surface in the writing area, makes this signature pad a both wear-resistant and good-looking solution for stationary use.

Large color screen

The 10″ color display with high resolution displays an A4 page in original width and gives you enough space to insert long texts, messages and interactive buttons. Even vertical & horizontal scrolling, zooming and scrolling is easily possible with the stylus.

Document view

This signature pad allows you to display the document to be signed. You can sign directly in the document at the appropriate place. The signature is displayed in real time on the color screen of the signature pad, almost like on paper.

Highest security

icon encription
  • The biometric data of your signature (pressure, speed and writing direction) is already securely encrypted in the pad and always securely transmitted.
  • The StepOver software solutions bring this signature into the document. The connection is asymmetrically encrypted with an RSA 4096 key.
  • The validity of the signature and the document integrity can be checked with freely available software (e.g. Acrobat Reader).
  • To prevent theft, the duraSign Pad 10.0 can be secured using a Kensington Lock or attached with a VESA Mount 100.

eIDAS compliant

This StepOver Signature Pad is suitable for setting up a system for simple and advanced electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS.

Signature pad technical data

Dimensions / Weight

29 cm x 22 cm x 2,1 cm / 955 g

Sensor / Display

22,41 x 12,67cm / 1024 x 600 pixel with 64.000 colors

Signature capture

330 4D coordinates per second (X, Y, pressure and time course)

X,Y acquisition accuracy X=2560, Y=2560 dpi,

2048 pressure levels


4096 bit RSA signature creation unit, pad-internal encryption of biometric data with notary public key, optional opening detection.


USB 2.0 or 1.1, HID (no driver required)

Operating systems

Win 11, Win10

For MacOS, Linux or Thin Client systems please contact our consulting team.

Signature Software Compatibility

This signature pad is compatible with any StepOver software solution.


2 Years

Information material

Software recommendation

Each signature pad requires signature software, which is not included with the signature pad. For your evidential electronic signature we recommend:


The fully automatable offline signature solution


The web-based online signature solution with special freedoms

Signature API

The comprehensive API for e-signature integration

We would be happy to advise you on which software solution is right for you. Contact us now

More info

Not enough yet?

The duraSign Pad 10.0 with electromagnetic sensor is made for extremely long durability. In addition to the highest security known from StepOver, this signature pad with its 10″ display offers enough screen space even for demanding counter applications (POS).

The high-resolution color screen gives you enough space to display long texts, messages and interactive buttons. You can fully customize the design of the screen content to suit your needs. The brilliant color screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels can perfectly present your latest offers, products, solutions and services by means of a slide show in standby mode. For uploading, organizing and updating these images in the internal memory of the Signature Pad, the free StepOver ImageLoader software is at their disposal.

Not only can individual overlays appear on the color screen, but you can also sign directly in the document. The signature is displayed in real time on the color screen of the signature pad, almost like on paper.
With the click of a button, you can switch between horizontal and vertical use of the signature pad at any time (rotate screen content). In conjunction with the two alternative connection cable guides (at the top and on the side), this is possible without compromising ergonomics.

The signature pad contains a public key of a notarially generated key pair. With this key, the biometric data of your signature is already securely encrypted in the signature pad. This means that this extremely sensitive data is never stored in decrypted form on your computer, which may be insecure. The private key required for decryption is securely stored with the notary.

In addition, each StepOver signature pad has a unique certificate for digital signature (4096 bit RSA). This certificate can optionally be used to digitally sign the document. Thus, a clear assignment to a special signature pad is possible later on.

The duraSign Pad 10.0 has an optional opening detection to prevent manipulation.

To prevent theft, the duraSign Pad 10.0 can be secured with a Kensington Lock or attached with a VESA Mount 100.

The duraSign Pad 10.0 features a stable and easy-to-hit vertical pen holder and another pen tray. The new “duraPen 2”, a battery-free electromagnetic pen, is secured to the housing with an extremely tear-resistant braided cord. The duraPen 2 and the cord can also be easily replaced on site without having to send it in and open the housing.

The USB socket recessed in the base of the housing with cable outlets to the rear or alternatively to the side combines the advantages of a permanently installed connection cable with the flexibility of a replaceable standard USB cable. (Accidental disconnection not possible, different cable lengths, on-site replacement possible without sending in, etc.).

Using the TCP and Citrix extensions, the signature pads can also be used in a remote desktop and Citrix environment.

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