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4. June 2024

What is a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

The qualified electronic signature (QES) is a type of electronic signature that fulfils the highest security standards. The QES is the only form of electronic signature that can be used in a legally secure manner when the legislator requires documents to be in writing. Examples of this are guarantees, financial loans and personal wills.
The eIDAS Regulation (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) provides a standardised legal framework for electronic signatures within the EU and UK. According to this regulation, a QES must meet strict requirements in order to be recognised as legally binding. These requirements include the use of a qualified electronic signature creation device and the identification of the signatory by a trusted certification authority. We at StepOver now offer a QES solution that fulfils these strict requirements.

Qualifizierte elektronische Signatur

StepOver now offers its customers the most secure electronic signature

In addition to the advanced electronic signature, StepOver now also offers the qualified electronic signature on its platform (webSignatureOffice). Both variants are easy to use and the appropriate type of electronic signature can be selected depending on the application scenario.
The QES is available to anyone who has a European ID card or passport. And it’s that simple:


Register for free on the platform  www.websignatureoffice.com 


Quick and easy identification with “Selfie Ident”. All you need is a smartphone, your ID card or passport and a quiet place.


The trust service provider issues a certificate that is valid for up to three years.


Documents can then be signed with a click-to-sign or handwritten qualified electronic signature and time-stamped.

Extensive identification options for corporate customers

For our corporate customers and companies, we offer the qualified electronic signature in three available hosting models. Own hosting “on premises”, as Software as a Service via AWS or with StackIT, which only operates cloud servers in Germany. These variants offer further identification options in addition to the “Selfie Ident”:

  • Video Ident:  The security features of the ID document and the match between your face and the ID photo are checked online by an employee. You will need a valid ID document, a stable internet connection, a PC or smartphone and around 10 minutes.
  • eID: electronic identification is a digital passport solution for proving a citizen’s identity. In Germany, the term eID generally refers to the online ID function of the electronic ID card or the European eID card. You need an electronic ID card, a smartphone and the right app. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Personal identification: Specially trained and certified employees carry out the identification on site. For example the employee of a bank or insurance company.

Once the one-off identification has been carried out, the certificate issued is usually valid for several years. 

Start signing digitally now

Are you also interested in digitally signing your documents in a legally compliant manner in the future? We would be happy to advise you on which type of electronic signature is right for you and which solution is best suited to your needs. Please contact us at: info@stepover.com

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