StepOver launches new signature pad series

24. January 2024

Next generation 10-inch signature pad – Standalone pad in the network with first-class performance

StepOver has developed a unique new signature pad that works completely independently and is tailored to the needs of customers and partners. For the first time, communication with the signature pad can take place directly via the network. Hence, the signature pad no longer needs to be connected to a computer – only an Ethernet connection is required. This has the advantage that an unlimited number of users can access the same network device to request signatures.

In addition, the next generation of signature pads no longer requires software. This means that the technology inside the next generation of signature pads is capable of rendering documents, capturing and embedding the signatures, encrypting the data to the highest standard and finally delivering the signed document back automatically. This makes the device the fastest StepOver signature pad ever produced.

While standard signature pads require you to specify where the electronic signature should be placed, the next generation allows you to sign anywhere on the document. If your workflow specifies a particular location for the signatures, the pad can easily handle this too. Of course, all of this is done with the same high security standards StepOver is known for.

Utilisation options of the signaturpad duraSign Pad NG 10

Man at the table with a signature pad duraSign Pad in front of him

Zero Integration Approach (PDF): The pad can be accessed via a website in the network. You upload a PDF document and sign it on the pad. Alternatively, the free printer driver “Print2NG” can be used (directly from Word, Excel or Adobe). The pad then returns the signed document.

Minimal Integration (XML)Instead of a document, it is also possible to upload an XML file with predefined signature fields. This ensures that the document is signed in the correct place and that all mandatory signatures have been provided. This option is ideal for connecting to your document management processes.

Software Application: For automations without integration, the duraSign Pad NG 10 can also be used with our eSignatureOffice software. 

API Approach: You control the signature pad from your software with the free .NET or REST-API interfaces – a complete integration of the signature pad into your software or process environment. Our team will be happy to support you with integration examples and expert assistance.

Highlights des Unterschriftenpads duraSign Pad NG 10

Network capability

Communication with the signature pad is via its IP address. The pad offers a connection via Ethernet adapter (accessory) or via USB. It is therefore independent of the operating systems of the end devices and works with Windows, MacOS or Linux, among others.



The signature pad can be used both independently and with StepOver software products. A PDF or XML file can be sent to the signature pad from any end device in the network via a browser. 

Stability and Performance

As a complete signature unit in the network, the pad handles the rendering of the PDF document, the capture and encryption of the biometric signature and embedding it into the document. This minimises communication between the signature pad and the end device and guarantees first-class performance, security and stability.


Maxium Security

The pad is a complete signature capture device and is secured against unauthorised access on the network. It has no open access and can only be accessed via its own website or the REST API interface.


eIDAS compliant

This StepOver signature pad is suitable for setting up a system for Advanced Electronic Signatures in accordance with eIDAS..



You can find more information about the new signature pad from StepOver on our product page: duraSign Pad NG 10.

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