15 years successful cooperation r>it and StepOver

14. May 2024

r>it and StepOver celebrate 15 years of successful cooperation/partnership.

Through a large number of joint customer projects in the SAP environment, the cooperation was intensified and it was ensured that the use of signature pads directly from SAP ® applications is possible. r>it provides the necessary software, StepOver supplies the corresponding hardware – the signature pads. Special attention is paid to seamless SAP process integration in order to enable rapid and user-friendly handling of processes both at the point of sale / service / logistics and in the hospital / clinic area in patient administration.

The advantages of electronic signatures are clear – in addition to reducing the flood of paper, it simplifies and accelerates business processes enormously and at the same time minimizes the potential for errors. Once signed, the documents are immediately available for archiving and retrieval in the SAP ® system, regardless of the location. The automated digital storage of signed documents eliminates the tedious and in the long run very costly filing of paper documents.

Cooperation RIT & StepOver

Accelerated by digitalization, more and more companies are following – analysing and identifying situations in which documents are signed digitally. This is done in direct customer or supplier contact on site, at the point of sales/service/logistics on so-called signature pads. The devices specially developed for this purpose guarantee a high level of security and only require a cable connection to the “client” (e.g. a laptop or desktop PC). The next generation of signature pads, the so-called “NG Pads”, can be addressed autonomously directly in the network via their IP address with first-class performance. The pad offers a connection via Ethernet adapter as well as USB.

The companies r>it from Vienna and StepOver from Stuttgart have decades of experience as experts in the field of electronic signatures and the development of signature pads. Their customers operate in a wide range of industries – and their electronic signature solutions are correspondingly diverse. Both companies are looking forward to many more joint projects to support SAP® customers in particular in the digitization process and the introduction of electronic signatures.

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