Digitalization in the University Hospital with CGM & StepOver

2. November 2022

The CGM in Germany is part of CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA, a leading global e-health company. Almost every second physician in Germany already works daily with one of the market-leading physician and dentist information systems.
CGM’s products and services stand for intelligent and comprehensive communication and networking solutions and connect physicians of all specialties, hospitals, pharmacies, social institutions and cost bearers.

StepOver from Stuttgart has been offering comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for over 20 years – whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad. “Designed and made in Germany”.

The efficient dental software CGM HIGHDENT PLUS has become indispensable in many university dental clinics and large practices. The program reliably handles all billing and other tasks and is always up to date with the latest legal requirements. The complete digital patient file includes the electronic signature; both that of the patient (for data protection agreements, patient forms, fee agreements…) and that of the treating physicians (for the medical history, various prescriptions, internal forms…). CGM has been using electronic signatures with its software solution for more than 10 years. The integration of the electronic handwritten signature solution from StepOver with the dental software from CGM makes digitization complete and usable without media breaks. Paper, printer and scanner are no longer necessary. At the same time, the process becomes audit-proof.

The digitization of the patient’s file and the associated processes makes the work in the university dental clinic much more efficient. The patient’s file is always where the patient is, complete and up-to-date. Both treatment and billing of services run smoothly and transparently.

StepOver and CGM Germany are looking forward to more customers who want to digitalize their processes & make them efficient. Simply contact us at or

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