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The app for signing via smartphone & tablet in conjunction with webSignatureOffice.


Features of the webSignatureOffice App


The webSignatureOffice app allows you to fill, sign online and offline PDF documents using the smartphone & tablet.

Offline capability

Once the webSignatureOffice app has synchronized with the webSignatureOffice server, it can also be used offline to edit the loaded documents and capture signatures. The documents are then automatically synchronized with the server as soon as the mobile device with webSignatureOffice is online again.

Document browser

The start screen shows all loaded documents and their status (signed, partially signed, unsigned, etc.), their expiration date and much more. It also allows sorting the view by different criteria and selecting a document for editing.


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The free signature app can be fully integrated as a library into your existing app solution.

Maximum security

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The biometric data of the signature is already securely encrypted on the smartphone & tablet and linked to the document in such a way that it cannot be improperly placed into another document. Among other things, a public RSA key (4096-bit) is used so that the biometric data cannot be decrypted without access to the associated private RSA key. In addition, each signature is provided with a digital signature by the server so that each recipient can check the integrity of the document, e.g., using Adobe Reader.

Additional security is provided by the use of the Apple Pencil or the S Pen, for example, as the biometric data is captured in even better quality.

System requirements

Hardware requirements

iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet or Android smartphone

Operating system

At least iOS 11 or Android 11


Customer account at webSignatureOffice.com

More information

Not enough yet?

  • PDF/A documents created by the customer (via webSignatureOffice server)
  • The above PDF documents can also be used with customer-defined signature fields and customer-created form fields.
  • When using PDF/A compliant documents, the document remains PDF/A compliant even after a signature is applied
  • ISO standard-compliant PDF signatures – enables verification with all standard products (e.g. Adobe Reader) and interoperability with other standard-compliant signature methods and programs
  • Applying a handwritten electronic signature
  • This signature is an advanced electronic signature according to eIDAS
    • Sign directly in the document (no separate signature window)
    • Preview of the selected PDF
    • Zooming in and continuous scrolling of PDF documents
    • Filling in PDF form fields as well as support for checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus
    • Clear document management with status tracking, automatic reminder (for all signers)
  • Can be fully integrated as a component in customer’s own app

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