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Virtual printer for creating PDF documents.


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The StepOver PDF Converter is a virtual printer. You can address this printer from any printable application like your normal printer. The PDF Converter then creates a fully searchable PDF file (no image PDF). Furthermore, multi-page documents, support of free format selection and DinA4 printing are possible.


By default, a “Save file as…” dialog opens when you start the PDF Converter dialog opens. However, it is also possible to automatically copy the generated files to a specific directory or to extend the file name with numbers if required.
Alternatively, an external program (e.g. eSignatureOffice) can be called automatically, which passes the generated document as start parameter. In this way, the document can be processed immediately after printing. All required settings can be set and applied via the PDF Converter configuration.

System requirements

Hardware requirements

Minimum: Dualcore processor from 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dualcore processor from 2 GHz and 2 GB RAM

Memory requirements

150 MB free hard disk space (also for temporary data)

Screen resolution

Resolution at least 1024×768 with 16 bit color depth

Operating systems

Win10 / 11

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