Stark Deutschland & StepOver build on long-term cooperation

15. August 2023

Since the beginning of 2022, Stark Deutschland customers have been signing digitally on StepOver signature pads. Time-consuming paper processes at the customer counter are now a thing of the past.

As part of the project, which started in mid-2021, the focus of the joint collaboration was on digitizing the time-consuming paper-based processes surrounding the collection of goods at STARK Deutschland locations. The stated goal was to integrate an electronic signature solution so that the large number of documents (e.g. delivery bills) could be signed digitally. To realize the project, other key conditions were important for the project team, including:

    • The interaction of the signature solution with the SAP system used by STARK
    • Establishing a simple and automated process for both employees and customers at the sites
    • The use of a robust and durable signature pad to handle the multitude of daily receipts in the long run without any problems 
    • A simple and convenient hardware replacement service for defective devices
    • The ability to address a signature pad from multiple workstations

Strong together

The project kicked off with a proof of concept phase which, after initial presentations with various providers, led to a quick start with the company StepOver. The pilot implemented by STARK and StepOver was tested at five locations starting in the fall of 2021. After a short evaluation phase, it was clear that StepOver could meet all relevant requirements. Accordingly, the rollout of the StepOver electronic signature solution across all sites could be started in several stages at the beginning of 2022. STARK Deutschland GmbH was thus able to complete the project in less than six months, from the initial vendor research to implementation. 

“StepOver’s commitment and high level of customer orientation convinced us right from the start. Together, we were able to implement customer-specific requirements quickly and easily and also significantly optimize the performance of the signature process during the course of the project, which was particularly important for us. All in all, the pads are a real success story at STARK and the sites that don’t have them yet are waiting impatiently for their turn.” (Dirk Scheffler, Director IT / CIO of STARK Deutschland)


In addition to the major efficiency gains due to the time saved on the employee side, customer satisfaction has also been increased thanks to the smooth processing. In addition, the large savings of more than eleven tons of paper to date make a valuable contribution to climate protection. The collaboration between STARK Deutschland and StepOver, just like the solution itself, is focused on sustainability. Both companies expect to benefit from the joint partnership in the long term. 


Construction worker signn on signature pad

For more than 20 years, StepOver has been offering various solutions around the topic of electronic signatures and accompanies companies in the course of digitization projects. In addition to the classic signature pads, StepOver also offers software, cloud and interface solutions. From the handwritten electronic signature on the signature pad, tablet or smartphone, to the certificate-based online signature, StepOver covers the complete range of digital signatures. 

With some 280 locations and around 6,800 employees, STARK Deutschland is the leading building materials distributor in Germany. With sales brands such as Raab Karcher, Melle Gallhöfer, Muffenrohr and Keramundo, STARK Deutschland GmbH provides its customers with high-quality products and tailored services. The cross-trade assortment ranges from carcassing, building construction and dry construction, to tiles and floor coverings, gardening and landscaping, tools and construction equipment, and much more.
As a strong partner in the industry, the Offenbach-based building materials dealer also offers sound advice and certified products in the area of sustainability. 
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Numbers - Data - Facts:

  • 150 sites equipped with the StepOver solution, further rollout to all 280 sites in progress
  • 700 signature pads in use on 1,200 PCs
  • 1.13 million documents signed 
  • More than 11 tons of paper saved 
  • 6,000 man-hours of administrative activities such as scanning and archiving documents saved
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