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Integration of the e-Signature Cloud solution into your software environment

webSignatureOffice API

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We offer a comprehensive interface for the StepOver e-Signature Cloud solution. This service allows you to control the signature process and integrate it into your application. After successful integration, you can use the following functions, among others:

  • User management
  • Create processes with multiple documents
  • Definition of signature fields & timestamps
  • Automatic emailing to signers
  • Integration of the viewer into your own application
  • Generation of the audit trail


  • Data such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and other contract content can be automatically inserted into documents to be signed by the customer application.
  • The signature fields of the documents are created automatically.
  • Archiving of the signed documents can be implemented automatically after signing
  • The status of the documents can be queried at any time. The signing process thus becomes transparent and traceable.


XML – RPC or JSON – RPC protocol for uploading and downloading XMLs and documents etc.

JSON callback API informs your server about status changes of signature operations

Free of charge

The interface is free of charge in conjunction with the paid webSignatureOffice cloud solution.

Information material

Matching signature pads

webSignatureOffice is compatible with these StepOver signature pads.

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