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Operation of StepOver signature pads in your Citrix environment


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The StepOver Citrix module enables the use of the current StepOver signature pads in a Citrix session. The Citrix module ensures the data connection and forwarding between the signature pad connected to the client and the Citrix server on which the signature software is installed.

Software variants

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The Citrix module itself is free of charge, but a workstation license of the software installed on the server (e.g. eSignatureOffice) is required for each client in order to operate it. In addition, a further workstation license is required for the server.

Server environment

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The communication between the signature pad and the server is handled via the already existing Citrix session. As with our TCP extension, a small software component must be installed on the client. On the server side and on the client, the StepOver Citrix module registers with the Citrix software to transfer the data over the existing Citrix connection.

System requirements

Hardware requirements

Minimum: Dualcore processor from 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM | Recommended: Dualcore processor from 2 GHz and 2 GB RAM

Thin Client Support

Igel, eLux

Operating systems

Win 10, Win 11 & Linux

More info

Please contact our technical support for more detailed information.


Matching signature pads

The StepOver Citrix Module is compatible with the following StepOver signature pads.

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