Digitization in the pharmacy – with WEPA and StepOver

WEPA pharmacy supplies has been an important partner for pharmacies for over 138 years. Reliability, honesty and trust are its corporate values. WEPA supplies needs-based solutions for every pharmacy – innovative and well thought-out – including software solutions.

StepOver from Stuttgart has been offering comprehensive and proven solutions for digital electronic signatures for over 20 years – whether certificate-based or handwritten, whether on smartphone, tablet, PC or signature pad. “Designed and made in Germany”.

The web-based software solution apotec® LabXpert simplifies processes in the laboratory and in formulation. The StepOver signature pads for electronic digital signatures are used in the fields of analytics, formulation, and production on a small industrial scale.

The pharmacist and their employees confirm the individual process steps with the advanced electronic signature. Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing records
  • Plausibility checks
  • Risk assessments
  • Test protocols
  • Starting material tests
  • Finished medicinal product testing
  • Medical device tests
  • Packaging material tests

This serves to ensure the consistently high quality of pharmaceutical products. The standardization of work processes and their documentation play a key role here. And when it comes to digitizing these processes, the digital electronic signature is integral – preferably from StepOver.

StepOver and WEPA Apothekenbedarf look forward to welcoming more customers who want to make their pharmacy processes more efficient.
Simply contact us at info@stepover.de or info@wepa-apothekenbedarf.de

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