Device API

Interface for communication with StepOver signature pads & Tablet PCs


Highlights of the device API


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The Device API provides you with all the functions for communicating with signature capture devices, capturing the signature image and controlling the screen from the signature pad. This way you can create a system for simple electronic signature (SES). In conjunction with the paid Signature API, you can create an advanced electronic signature (AES) system.

Free of charge

The components required for the runtime are free of charge for our customers in conjunction with StepOver signature pads. Partners can deliver these with their software.

Tablet-PC support

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For Windows, MacOS and Linux Tablet-PCs we offer a paid variant of the Device API.

Advertising images in standby mode

The StepOver signature pads duraSign Pad Brilliance and duraSign Pad 10.0 can display various graphics in standby mode and play them as a slide show at timed intervals. The Device API allows:

  • Changing the slideshow
  • Set the time duration for each image
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen of a StepOver signature pad
  • Disable the screen / power saving mode

System requirements

Operating systems (32 & 64 bit)

Win10 / Win11, Linux & MacOS

Developer interface

.Net, Java, Native Programming languages (e.g., Delphi, C++…)

Memory requirements

400 MB free hard disk space (also for temporary data)

Information material

Matching signature pads

The Device API is compatible with the following StepOver signature pads.


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